Blackberry 10

So the Blackberry 10 is due for iminent release. It’s the company’s last attempt to reclaim a portion of a market they were once goliaths in. Their new phone adopts a whole new interface, with features which puts it on par with Android and iOS experiences. But, when I saw this advert, I thought it could be improved. Sure, the internet is fast, the technology is cutting edge. But right now, the less words they have, the better. Less words mean more impact, and cliches like ‘super-fast’ are exhausted and generic. So I changed it to ‘instant internet’ to give it more gravitas. Now being super fast is subject to gradation, its definiton is blurry. But ‘instant’ is not contestable. This is an issue I foresaw in creating this ad, but I did it anyway because their clout behind this prouduct should be one of unwavering confidence. See below for before and after pictures









blackberry10 before_edited-1
balckberry 10 advert