Nokia Lumia

This advert was seen online, and whilst it gets the point across, I thought it was way behind the competition. ‘Easier, faster, funner’ is meant to sound edgy and trendy, but it isn’t. Who says ‘funner’ anymore? The message was weak, and the impact wasn’t strong enough. It felt like a half hearted attempt to promote the phone, this advert should have had much more gravity to it. The Nokia Lumia (and this is my inner geek typing) runs on Windows, which makes it different from the mainstream options such as iOS and Android. It’s different, it’s better, it’s faster. But summing this up should be done in 3 words, that much this ad had spot on.

So, I altered the 3 words to ‘Speed, Simplicity and Style’. The alliteration gives it that extra edge, and whilst alliteration sounds terrible if forced, the 3 words used here define the phone perfectly. If I was promoting this phone, it would be done on its own benefits, not how ‘easier and funner’ it is compared to the competition. This phone is meant to test boundaries and offer consumers with a fresh, surprising experience. The overall message is quieter but more effective in defining the phone as a standalone product.

See the before and after below…





NOKIA AD_edited-1