This advert is fine in itself, but upon looking at it I saw an opportunity to offer a new angle on how it is presented. The ‘twice as fast’ element is great, but most ads work upon relieving the consumer of a problem by offering a solution. No good advert offers the actual product, it’s a lifestyle choice or luxury that they promote. So, upon looking at the advert, and inspecting a Nurofen package (I’m prone to headaches myself) I put together a rough conceptual design.

The big red circle on the packet can be construed as a button, meaning holding the Nurofen packet vertically puts it in the perfect position to have that red button pressed. I imagined an advert showing a man or woman with a headache, which is shown as an annoying friend jabbering in their ear. They pick up the Nurofen, tap the red circle like you would on a remote and their friend is ‘muted’, in the same way Nurofen ‘mutes’ painful distractions. The product itself is fantastic, no doubt, but conveying that in a fresh, funny way would reaffirm it as a leading product. This advert is sharper, clearer and most importantly- easy to relate to by the mass market.