Samsung Galaxy SII

‘Where the possible begins, experience the smarter smartphone.’


So I saw this advert online, and while it was a worthwhile ad to promote the Galaxy SII, I thought it could be improved. The line ‘where the possible begins’ sounded flimsy to me. Were Samsung’s other phones not at the level of being ‘possible’?. The phone in itself is fantastic, so the advert should reflect that. It was too quiet for my liking, as it indicated that the new phone was just at the base level of doing ‘possible’ tasks. The tagline was adequate, but it sounded like the alliteration had been forced for the sake of it. Yes, a smartphone is smart, but the repetition does nothing for effect in my opinion.

I changed the slogan to ‘experience impossible’ to give a sense of awe, as the phone should push boundaries and break into new territories. Some may say the ‘experience impossible’ can be misconstrued to mean ‘wow this phone is just impossible’ but I thought it had enough weight to justify being included as a ‘wow’ slogan. Everything about the phone, the screen, battery life, user interface and design should scream amazing, this is why the word impossible was used to set it apart and clearly demonstrate that it is in a whole league of its own, miles ahead of its competition. I wanted the phone to be a new experience on the horizon, and define a whole new class of smartphone. The new version is more distinct, punchy and has more clout than the original.

Here are before and after images for the advert.



The Galaxy SII
The Galaxy SII